What Your Nails Say About Your Personality? Must Read!

Our body language is our personality’s mirror. Our body posture, our natural gait, our hand movements etc. all reveal our personality. There are other things as well which help us know our personality. In this blog post we shall discuss what your nails say about your personality.


I tried to check its authenticity by confirming my personality traits according to the shapes of my nails. I was amazed to find this theory correct considerably. So, I thought of sharing this secret with the readers and help them improve their personality. Why don’t you check yours and post your comments below …So let’s start…

1.Vertically long nails : An easy going romantic person

Vertically long nails

Image Source: jdsremedies

Your romantic and imaginative right brain overpowers the logical and practical right brain.You are easily moved by emotions and sentiments. You are highly credulous by nature and hence are easily deceived by people. You find it very difficult to take practical decisions and your left brain is always in conflict with your right brain.

2. Broad shaped nails : Ill-tempered

Broad shaped Nails

Image Source: jdsremedies

Eloquence is your forte.You specialize in transforming thoughts into words,which projects you as a person who calls ‘a spade a spade.’ However, your impatience and peevishness may put you in trouble very often so you need to practise self restraint at times. Your practical attitude keeps you away from emotional fools who only use their heart for taking decisions.

3. Round or oval-shaped nails: Serene and laid back attitude

Round or oval-shaped Nails

Image Source: fashioninpix

Your  tranquil and relaxed nature attract friends to you as bees to honey.Your friendliness makes you popular with friends and you love to pour water  on arguments and squabbles as you love peace and calm.At times this turns out to be negative for you as you are taken to be non serious kinds because of your laid back nature.

4. Square shaped nails: You’re no-nonsense and unrelenting types

Square shaped nails

Image Source: nailarts

Your determination, perseverance and grit puts you in  category of ambitious men . However, your unrelenting attitude and obstinacy is a blot on your impeccable personality. If you compromise with these negative qualities then you would have an unblemished personality.

5. Triangle ( upright and inverted) shaped  nails: You’re the sensitive genius

Triangle ( upright and inverted) shaped  nails

Image Source: notey

You’re highly innovative and meticulous. People with inverted triangle type are persuasive in nature, while upright triangle types are extremely  sensitive .They generally can’t tolerate easy going people who do things at their own pace.

6. Almond shaped nails: Loyal and honest

Almond shaped nails

Image Source: totalbeauty

Benevolence , trust , and loyalty are your characteristics. You are well mannered and polite, but are less tolerant. People who cross their morals make you annoyed. Practice self restraint to control your temper at times when you are about to burst.

7. Sword-shaped nails: You are ambitious by nature 

Sword-shaped nails

Image Source: ladylife

Always with a sword in your hand you are ready to defeat all the obstacles that come in your way. You toil hard to attain your goals. You believe in the policy of  ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ You can do anything to achieve your goals. However, you’re an unfit  in the cooperation department. You uncontrollably snap at people who are unable to maintain pace with you. It would be advisable to become more tolerant with others.

Hope, you found what your nails say about your personality article interesting. Please share with your friends and family members.


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