What if Men Start Menstruating!

Men have always been considered superior in society since ages for various reasons still not understood by many feminists and liberals. Both have distinctive qualities making each unique but still the society is a male dominated one. It will remain one even if men start menstruating.


Impact of a male dominated society

Being a man is envied by many women given the respect and the value they command in the society. So what would happen if suddenly, magically, men start menstruating and women do not?

Obviously, menstruation would then become an enviable, respect worthy and  masculine event to maintain the superiority of men.

Chauvinistic men would brag about the capacity they have of losing blood. There would be comparisions between different men and this would become a sign of chivalry. The more blood one loses the more chivalrous he becomes.

Importance of menstruation when men start menstruating

Young boys would proudly brag about this as a coveted beginning of manhood. Celebrations, religious ceremonies, family get togethers, and stag parties would mark this occasion.

Sanitary pads  would be subsidised or made free by the government. Statistical findings would support the fact that a man becomes doubly energised during menstruation and did better in sports and other events during their periods.

Religious fundamentalists and fanatics would stamp menstruation as the need to serve God and country under attack, (Give blood to take blood), occupy high posts in politics, be priests, ministers, etc and bar women because they do not shed blood.

Rise of hypocrites

However liberals would say  that women and men are equal, just different; and that any woman could enjoy the top positions if she was ready to acknowledge the supremacy of menstrual priveleges.

This subject would occupy the maximum time slots on T.V. So would newspapers and magazines.

Men would woo women to have sex at that time and opine that sex was more enjoyable at “that time of the month.”

Women’s entry would be restricted in medical college as they might collapse at the sight of blood.

Menopause would be a step closer to salvation and a very positive occurance taken as a symbol of accumulated wisdom for men.

Men start menstruating


Logic is in the eye of the logician

In short, the logic is in the eye of the logician. (For instance, women are supposed to be erratic, temperamental, less rational and more emotional at the beginning of the menstrual cycle  then  isn’t it logical to say that, during menstruation, women behave  the way men always behave ? (You are free to further improve on this)

The truth is that, if men menstruate, the power justifications would go topsy turvy and tumble in the favour of men just because the male dominated mindset of the society allows them to do so.

This article is written without any offence to any gender. Rather it is written with an aim to add a touch of sarcasm and humour to the present prevalent circumstances.

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