A Temple where a ghee / Oil Lamp Burns with Water

A Temple where a ghee / Oil Lamp Burns with Water

There are many such miracles in life which increases the faith in God. . One such miracle is seen in a temple of Goddess which does not require ghee or oil to burn the lamp. This  is going on since last five years but not for the last five years. This temple is Gadiyaghat Mataji’s temple , which is 15 km away from Nalkheda near the village Gadia. Listening to such a miracle of the glory of the mother, the devotees come from far away to visit the Goddess. When water is poued into the lamp , the liquid becomes sticky, which keeps the lamps burning continuously. Seeing the light of the lamp with water  increases its devotion of the devotees.

The priest of the temple has claimed that lamp has been burning from the water for the last five years in this temple. According to the priest here, the lamp of oil was burnt in the temple earlier. One day, in his dream, the Goddess appeared and told that he should burn her lamp with water from now on. As  per the wishes  of the mother, when the lamp was lit with water in it , the lamp started burning. With this miraculous power of the mother, water is still used to burn the lamp. The water for the lamp is brought from the Kalisindh river nearby.

Some villagers did not believe in this miracle in the beginning, but when they also lit the lamp  by adding water to the lamp and burning the flame in general, then the word spread throughout the village about this miracle.

It does not burn in water during the rainy season. In fact, due to the rising water level of the Kalisindh river during rainy season, this temple is immersed in water and it becomes impossible to worship here. After this, on the first day of the  Navaratri, ie the Padwa, the lamp is lit again, which continues to burn continuously for the next year.


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