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Triple Talaq is a controversial topic  of discussion nowadays and a lot is being discussed about it. A large section of Muslim women has been demanding an end to triple talaq and they are facing a strong opposition to their demand from fanatics who are opposing it in the name of religion.

The controversial  procedure of triple talaq is confined to the Sunnis alone, not only in India, but around the world.The Shia community in India, too, does not hold it as valid.It is time the AIMPLB gave up its opposition to this.The AIMPLB’s position is in sharp contrast to the dominant trend worldwide. As many as 22 Muslim countries – including Pakistan and Bangladesh – or their provinces have abolished triple talaq either explicitly or implicitly.Triple Talaq  is illegal in most Muslim countries.

The list includes Turkey and Cyprus, which have adopted secular family laws; Tunisia and Algeria and the Malaysian state of Sarawak, which do not recognise a divorce pronounced outside a court of law; and Iran, where triple talaq doesn’t have validity under its Shia law.

I do not want to get into this from a religious point of view but from the point of equality.

Allah or God has created both men and women and all agree that both are equal in the eyes of Allah. He bestows equal love on both the sexes and love them equally. So no discrimination is possible from his side.Had that been the case then as as many as 22 Muslim countries – including Pakistan and Bangladesh -or their proviinces would not have abolished Triple Talaq. They are all following the Dictats of Allah or God or is it that only Indian Muslims are the biggest followers of Allah and rest of them are not ?( Ah……..)

The status of Indian Muslim women is the most vulnerable in the world with the least equality who are forever in the grip of fear of being divorced for no rhyme or reason. In many cases these three horrifying words horrifically change the life of a woman and her children to an extent where the only choice for her remains to kill her children and herself. Mehr (dower) is not complied with and the destitute lady has no money to fight for her rights.  Can this be Allah,s wish ? Never ! He is the Almighty who wants happiness for all his children.

The Quran is the greatest source of guidance for Muslims. Besides, Muslims draw lot of inspiration and learning from the Sunnah or the life teachings of the Prophet. There is a widely known incident when the Prophet of Islam was tremendously displeased and reprimanded a man for divorcing his wife in an instant. No wonder, world over triple talaq is not accepted by Muslims. The Shia community in India, too, does not hold it as valid.

There are a number of verses in the Quran that call for attempts to reconcile in the case of marital discord. There is a verse calling for mediators, from families of both sides, if reconciliation between husband and wife is not working out. The verses clearly call for reconciliation and mediation process to be carried out over a period of 90 days. Allah has ordered the man or the husband to carry out this process. Divorce can happen at the end of this time period if the process does not lead to any reconciliation. So, the question of unilateral or instant divorce, does not arise.It nowhere allows instant divorce, for it treats marriage as a serious social relationship, entered into by two individuals. At the time of marriage the consent of both the parties is required so why not at the time of divorce. It is highly outrageous. Even by common sense if two people get into a contract then both have to agree to break it only then does it break. How can it be one-sided.

It has often been argued in India that religious minorities of any country are not willing to change to change. They fear any alteration in their practices could lead to them losing their religious identity. But this apprehension doesn’t affect the Muslims of Sri Lanka, where they constitute a little less than 10% of the population.

Sri Lanka’s Marriage and Divorce (Muslim) Act, 1951, as amended up to 2006, doesn’t recognise instant divorce. This is because the law requires a husband wishing to divorce his wife to give notice of his intention to a qazi (Islamic judge), who should attempt reconciliation between the couples over the next 30 days. It is only then the husband can give talaq to his wife – that too, in the presence of the qazi and two witnesses.

Keeping all this in mind the time has come when Indian Muslims should soften their stand and follow the world giving equal right to women in the matter of Talaq.



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  • October 22, 2016 at 6:44 am

    Quite an interesting post. Im pretty unfamiliar with the ways of the Muslim faith and had never heard of the Triple Talaq. My opinion is women should be given equal rights regardless of faith/beliefs. You go girl! Love what youre doing look forward to reading future posts


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