Spinsterhood Redefined

                  Spinsterhood Redefined



They say that behind every powerful man, there’s a powerful woman, but behind many a powerful woman is nothing but her own rear end.


While the term “spinsterhood” is arguably one of the ugliest words in the dictionary, these fearless females have redefined it as a fabulous concept. A woman is complete in herself. She doesn’t need any one to make her complete. She has  the guts and the miraculous will power to move mountains. Let us talk about two famous most talked about indian leaders Jayalalitha & Mamta Banerjee in the recent context. Data suggests ‘marriage wage premium” means that married men tend to be more successful at work.Female politicians are understood as archtypes when they are single. Whether it is jayalalitha’s legendary excess or Mamta’s legendary simplicity there being single gives them a certain mystique . It is important for them to be seen as self directed and confidently alone to exert authority. They have shun dependacy atleast seemingly . Singlehood has become their power. Even Mayawati once said “Chammari Hoon, kunwari hoon, tumhari hoon to the electorate. They have become the queens of the hearts of people.

So celebrate spinsterhood. It gives you power, respect and an element  of mystique.

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I am vimi. I am an electronics engineer and have a vast experience with several MNCs. At present I am working as a full time teacher . Through this blog I want to inspire women and make them feel important and loved which ofcourse they are. So here I am to give you all my time and make your life beautiful

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