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Smartphone addiction is a growing problem in today’s tech savvy world.

Smartphones have become indispensable in our lives. No friend, food or entertainment can ever replace it. The world is moving towards digitalization and we are in the rat race with our smartphones intact in our hands. Jumping on to the bandwagon without realizing its repercussions is a sign of an addiction. We all need a digital detoxification to go back to the happier and carefree days. Ooh! Living without smartphones……Impossible! Can anything be scarier than this?


We are all in a state of digital delirium and the problems that arise out of this, are thought of as common life problems. It is similar to an intoxicated man under the effect of liquor.

Check the below points to find if you are an addict or not

  • Checking your phone the moment you get up: 

    If you enter your bathroom with the phone in your hand, it can affect your cognitive abilities, thinking and emotions. Is phone the first thing you look for in the morning ?

  • Using cell phones for entertainment: 

    Using smartphones gives a feeling of euphoria and excitement. This high or kick is very addictive in nature and the person feels like repeating it again and again.

  • Unable to live without your smartphone: 

    “Restraint is required to overcome the urge of using the phone again and again which gives an ever-increasing kick and high similar to drug abuse. New uses of the cell phone, and the excitement of new downloads, lures us to our smartphones increasing number of times and further strengthens the smartphone addiction.

  • Anxious and perturbed without the smartphone: 

    Peevishness, tension, anxiety and panic that creeps in when people are separated from their smartphones indicates that they have become dependent on it. At times some become short tempered and violent too.

  • Others start complaining of your increased time with your smartphone : 

    If your near and dear ones start complaining that you are spending more time with your smartphone than with them then it is time to rethink about your lifestyle. Excessive Smartphone use could be destructively impacting your social life or family time.

  • Helplessness in reducing the use of smartphones: 

    When restraint to control your urge of using the smartphone brings it back with double the force and you are unable to live without your phone, it is time to take it seriously because you are already in the trap.

Some other signs of smartphone addiction include using them to overcome negative emotions or forget a trauma, losing track of time while with the smartphone. Neglecting physical impacts such as eye strain, back pain, and many more.

After reading the above you will know if you are a victim of smartphone addiction or not. If yes then resolve to overcome this addiction to come out of it in one piece. If you do not then it will completely paralyze your brains.

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