Why Discuss Sex With Your Partner Before Marriage?

Experts Say

  • People’s bodies, desires and feelings change over time
  • Couples need to talk honestly about sex before getting into a wedlock.
  • A councillor can help, initiate and encourage a conversation

Sexual Compatibility

Most would be couples have no patience to wait  until the honeymoon to know their compatibility in the bedroom, and would agree that sex before marriage is a good way to check the level of Sexual Compatibility.

This is when one does not get into the moral pros and cons of premarital sex which may not be always “good sex before marriage doesn’t guarantee that it will be the same for  your entire life “says experts.

Causes of Differences

“Our bodies and desires naturally change over time with both age and crucial life events, such as having children, and these changes affect everyone differently. This means that sexual needs and wants of one partner becomes different from the other resulting in precipitation of differences, adultery and separation.”

The wonders of a whirlwind romance or your current experiences can’t judge the rest of your sex life. In the initial stages of your relationship, you are under the influence of a cocktail of potent biochemicals and infatuation hormones.The problem arises when the sex becomes a routine and maintaining Sexual Compatibility becomes a task.

That’s why  couples should talk openly and honestly about sex  before they walk down the aisle.

Talk About Hypothetical Situations

A couple should talk about a wide range of hypothetical situations like…

1.What if one person’s sex interests change drastically, either increase or decrease?

2. What if one  gets cancer or  becomes paralyzed below the waist?

These questions help you in  collaborative problem-solving skills.

But talking openly about sex isn’t always easy, even for couples who plan to share their life with each other. Most of us may have had some sex education somewhere in the past, but nobody ever taught us how to have a constructive conversation with a partner about sexual compatibility.

When one is not able to openly talk about sexual interests with one’s partner, the bedroom problems manifest in other areas of  relationship, and can lead to misdirected frustrations.

Couples who are too shy to get this conversation started on their own, a visit to a marriage Councillor should be a priority.

Sexual Compatibility

Premarital Counselling

“Premarital counselling provides a safe platform to couples to discuss their sexual hopes, fears and expectations. Counselors can help couples initiate and engage in conversations about sex in comfortable ways that match their religious background and overall level of comfort and emotional safety .

“After this open discussion couples feel incredibly relieved  and optimistic about their sexual future together.”

“Things can become routine fast without trying new things. It’s about the sense of adventure as you explore together.”

By opening up to your concerns and expectations now, you can build a strong foundation for a healthy, happy sex life till death does you part.

Knowing each other’s sexual likes and dislikes, sexual preferences  and becoming sexually compatible can keep you together till death parts you.

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