Selfieaholics – Know Yourself!

Are you a selfieaholic ? A Must Read for you…

Ever heard of selfieaholics? Is it a mental disorder? I guess we all are selfieaholics in today’s technoaholic age and we are loving it too. The  excitement of getting likes, the adrenalin that rushes through our body, the tingling sensation that we get after clicking a satisfactory selfie. Ooh! it is irresistible!


This addiction is getting on our nerves but we do not want to lose it. The feeling of achievement and self worth when people praise our photos on social networking sites and the comments that we get raising our pride and ego is beyond compare. Life becomes meaningless without posting selfies, and a few hours are needed everyday to click a good selfie.

So what is the reality? The reality is that we are constantly dreaming of perfect selfies with different poses and dresses. That becomes the only and the only way to elevate our self worth and we happily plunge into this sweet poison tasting every drop of it with utmost care and love.


The consequences:

  • Unknowingly We become slave to this self destroying venom.
  • Like other addictions to alcohol, drugs, net, etc. this too is equally harmful because it blocks the power of mind to distinguish between wrong and right.
  • Our mind is so occupied with the thought of the next perfect selfie that it loses interest in any other thing.
  • This makes the person lose interest in life and he/she gets into depression.

How extreme is your selfieaholism?

  •  If you find yourself taking up to three selfies a day but not posting them on social media, consider yourself on the border.
  • If you’re posting at least three images of yourself a day, that’s acute.
  • Lastly, if you’re experiencing an uncontrollable urge to take and post up to six selfies a day, congratulations – you are a selfieaholic.

Rohit comes into the third category. ” I constantly wanted to click perfect selfies but the fear of not clicking a perfect selfie throttled me. Once I tried getting a perfect click more than hundred times but there was always some flaw or the other. I really wanted to die as I felt completely helpless and dejected as I realized that I could not take one. I lost my friends, my education, my health and almost my life.” as told to a newspaper.

This unachievable super perfection in today’s insane world where people can do anything to look beautiful from plastic surgeries to tattoo making we are on the verge of losing our mental balance.

Can you think of a time when you have lived for 10 minutes or so without your phone? But the doctors took away Rohit’s phone to treat him. He went mad initially but gradually he started doing worthwhile things which brought meaning to his life.

Check yourself? Don’t get into the trap of selfies. Protect yourself from this contagious mental sickness and live a happy life.


Hi everybody! I , a teacher by profession,and a writer by passion got into blogging to quench my thirst of reading and writing. A blog is a medium for me to share about anything and everything that I feel like with the world to keep you entertained and informed. This way I am availing the opportunity of reaming in touch with the society.

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