Say No ! to contraceptive pills

Say No ! to contraceptive pills

After reading this you will be forced to reconsider your decision of pregnancy control through contraceptive pills . These pills have been the easiest resort for women who want to avoid pregnancy but little do they know about the side effects of these pills. These pills highly affect the quality of life of the one who consumes it and the affects are so lethal that it is better to be avoided. . Some of the affects are as under :

  1. Low libido, depression ,weight gain,and irregular bleeding are some of the symptoms which affect the quality of life to a large extent. Though these are not considered to be abnormal by most of the doctors.
  2. It supports development of deep vein thrombosis which can be fatal.
  3. There is an increased risk of breast cancer associated with some of the contraceptives along with a higher chance of getting cervical cancer or a stroke.
  4. Increases blood pressure
  5. A recent study found women who take pills had implants, patches, or intrauterie devices and were 23% more likely to suffer from depression.
  6. Causes anxiety and mood swings.

The above information has been gathered from Times of India and has been put on my blog for the benefit of our readers.

I think now its time for some innovative  harmless  methods that can help in birth control without harming its users.

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