When the rose tinted glasses of my daughter shattered……….

Oh My little daughter “you are my princess. I will get you a prince my doll who will always keep you happy.”You are one in crores and you are destined to live a life of a princess” were my Dad’s words which were echoing in my ears today. I was daydreaming . The name Queen was given to me by my Dad. He had broken all his promises and had left me alone in this cruel world.h!

Queen’s story in her own words :father-and-daughter

“I was given a very liberal upbringing . I was brought up in a very different manner. I was never stopped or restricted from doing anything and this had made me very bold and smart. I competed with the most intelligent students in my college and with my sheer determination and my parent’s encouragement I got a seat in one of the  IITs. It was a great moment for me and my parents. I was on cloud nine. My parents left no stone unturned to make me an independent girl. and to add to my excitement was my old schoolmate Rahul who had also got a seat in the same IIT. He was a very close friend of mine. and we both joined the same college. With my hard work and grit I was able to secure the toppers rank in my college too. Rahul was very excited and happy with my success. Infact Even I had developed a soft corner for him. We both fell in love and one great day he proposed to me. I guess that was the best day of my life . I immediately said yes and we were both off to convince our parents.

My dad was very skeptical about my choice as he wanted to know more about his family but he had to give in to my persuasion. My mom too agreed after a lot of reluctance. But Rahul’s parents were against our marriage. We were both madly in love so somehow Rahul’s parents agreed and we both got married.

Both of us had placements with the top corporates and had to join after our honeymoon period was over. I did not have the slightest idea that my life is going to change so drastically after the wedlock.

My in-laws wanted me to leave my job and stay with them. Rahul quietly agreed something which I had never dreamt of. All my hard work was going into drains. I was sanwitched between a family or job. and finally like most girls do I chose my family and I unwillingly went to my in-laws house whereas Rahul was off to his new assignment. I cried bitterly but there was no one to hear my sobs. My parents were shocked at my decision but I wanted to save my family. At my in-laws house my qualifications did not matter, my hard work had no value for them, and my ambitions………….Ah! ( I was not supposed to have any) I could hear praises for Rahul all around me. “My son is a genius you know” My mother in law said  He is the CEO of XYZ company………. I did not exist for them. I failed to understand how I was different from Rahul. In college I was the topper , I got better marks than Rahul, I got the gold medal so what’s the difference. I was exposed to this diffrence for the 1st time in my in-laws house. I have always fared better than Rahul in college and here my credentials, my gold medals , my certificates are all junk. Is it because I am a girl? I was annoyed with myself . ” Did I work so hard for this day ? I immediately called up Rahul to share my problems with him thinking that he would give an ear to my problems but Lo! He was a differnt Rahul whom I had never Known. ” Darling you don’t understand. You are married now .you have responsibilities towards our family now so if you pursue your career our family life would be doomed. You stay at home. Cook for me and my family. Why do you want to work? I am here to work No……….. ” “But we did not decide this before marriage and neither did you mention it to me ” I said . I did not know what to say………………

And then my ordeal started. Getting up early morning , cleaning the house , cooking and doing all the other daily chores while watching my certificates lying dead,

My Dad tried talking to me on this quite a few times but I did not want to hurt him by telling that all his hardwork and money that he spent on me is going down the drains.

At Last one day Rahul asked me to join him in Australia . I was very excited  as I was about to leave this hell and move in with my husband but how did I know that I was in for a worse shock there. I was welcomed by a cute looking girl to his house. Her name was Sara. She was in a live -in – relationship with Rahul. Why did you call me here ? For this . What the hell is this!. Both of them assaulted me and I landed up in a hospital. No one was willing to inform my parents . Somehow I contacted my dad and told him the entire story.

He rushed to Australia immediately and brought me back to India with him. I was crying throughout the flight. I kept constantly asking him ” Why do girls study? To bring up children . Why did I work so hard? You spent an equal amount of money as Rahul’s parents so why is he given more importance though I fared better than him in college. What is marriage meant for ? What is its purpose ? My father had no answer. He kept staring at me with tears in his eyes.

Finally when we reached home he called me to his room once and said ” I told you that you are my princess and you will always be one . ” Promise me that you will strive to become a princess yourself with hard work and determination. I was wrong. No one can make you feel like a princess except me so move ahead and become a queen of your own life.

Do not look for a king to make you a queen but become one yourself.


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