Shout Loud Against Reservation in India, Join Us!

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, had suggested 10 years for reservation system till equality is established in the society. Since then reservation in India has strengthened its roots to such an extent that it cannot be uprooted so easily. It has become the bread and butter for politicians.


Talk about equality and not reservation in India

Getting into the details of why reservation and why not is a waste of time as we have talked about it since ages. Now the time has come when we should talk about equality and equal opportunities for all. Despite reservation, equality has still not been achieved as it is the general candidates now who are facing discrimination now. The clock has completely reversed.

Here is an amazing interview of a general candidate which will reflect the thoughts and feelings of all generals of India.

A journalist asking questions to a general candidate

Journalist: Who is a general category citizen of India in your view?

Candidate: A general candidate of India is a discriminated and a repressed lot. She/he is the most disadvantaged and the underprivileged category of India. An unreserved category is the one who is given least importance in India.

Journalist: But why so?

Candidate: They constitute a very small vote bank for politicians as they are not united. Hence the politicians focus more on reserved categories to win elections. SC/ST/OBC constitutes about 70% of the total population which is a big chunk of the population.

Journalist: What is unreserved?

Candidate: It means ‘no reservation ‘These seats can be taken by any reserved category candidate.

Journalist: Why don’t you also ask for reservation?

Candidate: Our politicians thrive on reservations in India.They think that a general candidate is intellectually and financially more capable. Hence he should not be given reservation. But they forget that why would we want to work for a country where we are discriminated against the reserved.

Journalist : We ape the west in all the other things but not reservation. Why?

Candidate : That’s a great question. Even in America Anglo Americans were the more privileged class in matters of education, citizenship etc till 1990’s. Other Americans were not treated as equals and some were even treated as slaves but none of the leaders brought in the policy of reservation based on caste, creed , religion etc. Later laws were framed to establish equality.

Journalist: Elaborate further.

Candidate: We Indians want to be a developed country but our politicians will not let us. They want to adopt western policies but do not want to abolish reservation. In the west the governments strives to establish equality but in India divide and rule has become the weapon of politicians. They believe in establishing discrimination to win the seats. This hypocrisy will lead us nowhere.

Journalist: Will this not lead to a decline in the prosperity of the country?

Candidate: Politicians except a few are only bothered about votes and their power. They have least interest in the progress of the country. That day is not far when no general candidate would want to serve his country and would move to greener pastures where he is given importance and value because of his intellectual capabilities.

Journalist: Will this country be dominated by the reserved category which gets admissions or jobs at much lower marks.

Candidate: Yes! A reserved category dominated country will lag behind other prosperous countries of the world which would use the brains of the capable and talented ones (general candidate) and put India at the very end of the success ladder.

Journalist: What do you feel for your country?

Candidate: Pity! Its future is dark because of reservations.

Changes in society bring about progress. It’s time our government should abolish reservations ensuring India’s progress and as citizens of India we should understand that reservation in India is not meant for a society which preaches equality. It should be only given to handicapped people to help them sustain their living.

In the end I would also like to add that Generals are looking forward to a creation of party opposing reservation in India and supporting equality. We are lagging behind in all areas because of reservation and despite our capabilities we are not able to utilize it for the betterment and progress of our country.

If you agree with the above point of view then let us all together make it an engaging discussion by sharing and commenting on this article for further engagement to spread it like fire.

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One thought on “Shout Loud Against Reservation in India, Join Us!

  • May 6, 2018 at 11:59 am

    i Am Against caste reservation, Its time to stop this process. Even Professions like IAS, Mphil have reservation, what does it meant to be. Reservation should be given on the basis of financial situation. On the basis of their annual transaction. Not by the basis of incorrect sensus details. Online transaction should be encouraged and paper money should be reduced.


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