“No” The Angel Saver. Learn to Say It!

” No ” a negative word , found in a pessimist’s dictionary and generator of negative  vibes can be a life saver. Have you ever thought why the word ” No ” can be so important?


All sucessful people have used this word very often in their lives and ofcourse to their advantage. We are all taught to say “yes” but never to say “No” which is more impotant than yes. We can save ourselves from a lot of discomfort by saying “No” and we need to realise that while saying yes we are saying “No” to us many times. We keep ourselves at the last priority and help others accomplish what they want.

I know a lady who could never say “No” and everybody around her took advantage of her. She was a nice lady  and believed that she would become bad if she said No. She ended up spending her life doing for others , keeping others happy, helping others accomplish their goals, making others life comfortable though internally she hated doing all this. But she couldn’t say The magic word “No” She remained discontented and unhappy always.


Her health started deteriorating, and she got into depression because she never did what she wanted, she never tried to keep herself happy, and she never cared for herself. She was taken to a psychologist and people used to consider her mad. Imagine a lady who spent her entire life for others had to see a psychologist because her mental health needed treatment all because she did not know how to say “No”

Saying “No” is not that difficult. One only needs to practice it. Some sentences which you can use to say No are :-

  1. Some other time please.
  2. Not Now.
  3. Not interested.
  4. Not feeling well . We will think about it later.
  5. Ask someone else.
  6. I have some other work pls
  7. I ‘m slightly busy.

If the other person is shameless not to understand your excuses then say a curt “No”. What you do is your business and no one’s else. So use this magic word and see the magic.


Hi everybody! I , a teacher by profession,and a writer by passion got into blogging to quench my thirst of reading and writing. A blog is a medium for me to share about anything and everything that I feel like with the world to keep you entertained and informed. This way I am availing the opportunity of reaming in touch with the society.

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