Yes I Bleed (Menstrual Bleeding) Every Month. Does It Make Me Impure?

Menstrual Bleeding Is Natural – A Must Read for All Men and Women

In today’s modern world talking about menstrual bleeding is a taboo. It may sound ludicrous. But this so called modern world and modern men are actually hypocrites. They dress modern , they talk modern but they think retrogressive.


I witnessed an incident when I was in class 12th . We wore blue trousers and a white shirt with a tie as our school dress. One day my friend Sofia and John came to my house looking very upset and Sofia headed straight to the washroom.

Before I could ask her the reason she banged the washroom door on my face and from inside I could hear her sobbing. I was completely aghast, bewildered and shocked as I was unable to understand the head and tail of the story.

John on the other hand had an upsetting reaction on his face which I was unable to interpret.

After a few minutes Sofia came out with wet pants which probably she tried to wash and broke down on my shoulders.

Love yourself

Menstrual Bleeding

“Why am I born a girl? I hate girls. You know what ! Today John saved me from such a huge embarrassment. There was a stain on my trousers because of my menstrual bleeding and people were constantly turning and laughing at me. Then suddenly I realized something wet on my pants but by that time John had put a bag on my shoulders covering that blood stain.”

“To save me from that embarrassment he pulled me out of the local train and into an auto.”

“I guess the auto driver too noticed that stain while I was getting down he started shouting saying ” What have you done to the rickshaw seat?’ There was Jhon trying to calm him down so as  not to create a scene in the middle of the road.”

“Jhon accompanied me to your house too so that I could make myself comfortable .”

Be a Samaritan

The very next day when she met him, She asked him not to discuss about the situation with any other boy of our class and that it was embarrassing for her. And the next thing he said, “Relax Sofia, you don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s a natural process and I have a sister at home.

I know it’s so difficult for you girls during those days of the month.” I was absolutely speechless about how he had handled the whole situation. Also, Sofia had earned herself a friend for lifetime.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done that day, had John not been there.” said Sofia

In some homes the girls are not allowed to carry out any holy activity like prayers etc , Some are not allowed to enter the kitchen. Though such customs seem to be obsolete but they are still alive in the hearts of some hypocrites who talk about evolvement of society but are actually orthodox and conservative.

So if you’re a male and find yourself in such a situation, try not to make fun of the girl, it’s absolutely normal to bleed (Menstrual Bleeding).

Sometimes, we do not get time or the public washrooms aren’t good enough to carry out  such an activity or due to some other reason, these things happen. Instead, you can politely tell the girl about the situation and the rest she’ll manage.

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