Marital Rape – My Husband Rapes Me Everyday!

Today I am going to write about the most hateable and painful topic “Marital Rape” which no one wants to talk about as it is not put under the category of rape. Before I write on it I would narrate a story of such a victim in her own words .


This could be an unbearable, shocking, and a painful time for the readers of this incident but we should all accept the truth so that we can all together fight against it.

Story of a Marital Rape victim in her own words

Marital Rape

“My marriage was solemnised with great pomp and show last night and I was the most beautiful and the happiest woman on earth on my wedding night. My husband Robert was by my side throughout that night and the loving glances that I received from him made me feel proud and dizzy. His touch tingled me and I desperately wanted to be with him alone away from all the hustle-bustle.

He was a very intelligent, educated and a handsome man with a very good job. My friends envied me for marrying such a man. I considered myself the luckiest woman in the universe. After all I had the reasons to be proud. and Why not! Robert was so loving and caring.

Like all other girls I was waiting for my first night with my hubby as I had  heard so much about it but little did I know that that night would become the most horrifying night of my life.

Please don’t call me shameless for sharing all this with you. This is for the entire world to know that some humans are demons and animals in the disguise of men. I wish that no girl ever goes through the trauma that I had to go through.

My horrendous experience

My fantasies ended on that night and I was faced with the cruelest truth of life. I was eagerly waiting for Robert in our room . He did not come for a long time. The clock was ticking away and I did not realise when I felt asleep. Suddenly after some time Robert my so called soulmate forced himself on me and started hurting me all over with a blunt object.

Something was forced into my mouth to muffle my voice and I was forced to do lot many objectionable things which I had not dreamt of. I was bleeding with pain and my sexual organs were being hurt and injured time and again.

God knows what pleasure was that sadist getting by hurting me. This all went on for the entire night. Little did I realise that what I was going through was marital rape.

Early in the morning I was ordered to clean the bed and dress up as a newly wed. Tears were rolling down my eyes but out of fear I could not utter a word. I was threatened to keep myself quiet or I would have to face the worse the next night. Every night became a hell for me. I started dreading nights as I was treated like a sex toy and a sex slave and not as a wife. I used to get jitters before going into my room at night and would dread the thought of what was awaiting me. What happened in our bedroom every night was not what normally happens between a husband and wife; I felt like he had bought me.

I starting doubting the identity of a wife and had lot of questions about marriage. He would insert things inside me, slap me, and bite me. I had bite marks all over my breasts. He was like an animal. Even during my menstruation, he wouldn’t spare me.

One day he brought a torch and he inserted it into my vagina. I started bleeding so profusely that the entire bed became red. It was his birthday that day and he wanted to try something new with sex. His act was inhuman but he had no regrets.

He took me to my in-laws-house and left me there. When the bleeding did not stop my inlaws took me to the hospital. I was almost dead on that day.

My social life was devastated and I lost my job as I was not able to concentrate on my job because of my personal problems and so I was fired.

No one comes for help for Marital rape victims who are raped by their husbands. In contrast there is ample of help for rape victims and laws to help them.

The Happily Ever After! It just happens in movies and not in real life. “My husband raped me daily“. He forced himself on me, every single day, even on the days I bled. He did not spare me all through the pregnancy and even till the last day of delivery of my child.

When marriages end in marital rape?

Some marriages are good but some marriages are just Scandals in Disguise. Marital Rape itself is a disturbing word to hear. Imagine people going through the trauma every single day without having the right to raise their voice. And Why? Just because the Rapist is your hubby, your so called Soulmate, Your HUSBAND?

But are all marriages  “Safe Marriages” . No! Some are horrifying nightmares as well. Marriage are mere fantasies and are unnecessarily glamourised for no rhyme or reason . Some become haunting realities that damage an individual from within.

Forced sex and sometimes a traumatic sex experience can ruin a person inside out. It damages the very psyche of a person and creates hatred for the entire humankind in that person.

Speak for yourself

No woman should lose time to speak up against such an atrocity. This is not something which should be suffered in isolation . It should be shared with your family members and friends who can help you to come out of it.

Marriage is not a license to rape. Sex should be with the consent of the female partner otherwise it is Rape. People fail to understand that a Wife is not just a machine to enjoy sex, bear kids and take care of your family.

She is an individual, with her identity and has equal rights to live her life, the way she wants.


Hi everybody! I , a teacher by profession,and a writer by passion got into blogging to quench my thirst of reading and writing. A blog is a medium for me to share about anything and everything that I feel like with the world to keep you entertained and informed. This way I am availing the opportunity of reaming in touch with the society.

7 thoughts on “Marital Rape – My Husband Rapes Me Everyday!

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  • June 24, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this courageous & heart breaking story… it is in our numbers that we will have strength to break free from the isolation … shame and oppression of abuse!!!! I have suffered over 20 Years in a marriage with a spouse that told me “this is why men have affairs” (if not given what he wanted sexually )… and, once we had children.. of course they became the golden pawn… whenever I do not agree with him or “happily” satisfy him sexually he will rage and create chaos in the house hold…. God Bless every one of us who has gone through or is going through any unhealthy relationship… we need SUPPORT and HELP so we can GET OUT!!!

    • July 5, 2018 at 9:07 am

      I really appreciate your courage for having reacted to this post by bringing out your feelings on the same. The women have the power to do anything but for that I presume they should start thinking with their minds. Their emotions and feelings are the real source of trouble. Once they become practical and shrewd they can get over any problem they get in.

      Keep reading our inspirational posts and be in touch.

  • July 18, 2018 at 10:22 am

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