Is marriage the be all and the end all of a girls life?

My sister-in-law was begging my mother-in-law” Please I don’t want to get married Please. I will not remain a burden on anyone but please don’t force me into marriage.” She was weeping and her lips were trembling. ” Why don’t you want to get into matrimony? What is  a girls life without marriage? You know how difficult it is to live without a man in this cruel world? How would you survive? In our family no girl remains unmarried. That is the destiny of every girl and you are no different.” My mother-in-law said. I was a mute witness to this drama and somewhere deep down I was feeling guilty that I was not supporting my sister-in-law.Everyday I heard her sobs in her room but was helpless because if I intervened I would be blasted by my in-laws family. After all I was an outsider. That night I could not sleep. The whole night I kept on thinking about the scene that I had witnessed in the morning.

It was 2.00 A.M and I was tossing from one side to the other unable to sleep. Suddenly i heard a banging sound coming from the kitchen. I ran towards it and opened the door from outside. It was Suman my sis-in-law. She fainted on me. I just kept quiet and somehow managed to take her to the next room . There were bruises all over her body and her lips were charred due to dryness. I sprinkled water on her face and before I could ask her anything she started requesting me to help her flee from the house.” I don’t want to live with these devils. I was locked in the kitchen by my brothers and brutally assaulted because I was refusing to get into wedlock.

Bhabhi ” I have seen my parents marriage. It was hell. Physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse and what not and still my mother calls him her ” Devta “. I hate my Mom to have brought us up in this atmosphere. She was not able to fight against it and she is forcing me also into it. Look at my life . If my life is so bad here then I am sure it will be worse after the wedding. I hate my Dad. He is a Demon in human form. All men are like him.” I want to run away from all this.

She had turned into a misogamist. She hated her own family and her parents.She hated her surroundings. I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know what to do. I realised what a coward I was. Here My sis -in-law was fighting against injustice and I………………. ? I held her hand that very moment and promised her ” you are not alone.” I was there only for 2 days so next day in the morning we both left for Delhi despite violent opposition . Suman had decided to start a new life and I was with her………………

She had me but what about other Sumans. There are many of them. Be an angel for atleast one of them and ignite candles in their life.

Many of us have not faced situations like this but the truth is that girls are not allowed to choose their path of life. They are humiliated and compelled by their family members to do thigs which they are unwilling to do and during this agony they lose their self esteem and confidence. For them life becomes a dark tunnel with no light and they end up killing themselves. Marriage is not the ultimate destination of a girl. She has a right to live life on her own terms.

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