Infertility in Men – How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Infertility in men has become an alarming problem of today’s modern society. Infertility may happen with men as well as women but men are often seen to suffer more from infertility than women. Infertility is when an individual is unable to participate  in conception of a child.


Like diabetes it is more a lifestyle problem. Sedantry lifestyle,  obesity, lack of exercise, stress etc can be some causes of infertility.

Case of Infertility in Men

Elizabeth did not conceive for six years in her first marriage and it ended in a tragic divorce without any fault of hers. She was humiliated by her husband and in-laws for not being able to conceive for so many years even after regular intercourse.

After remarrying another man she conceived in less than a year. This relieved her when she got to know that the problem was with her first husband and not her. Her marriage ended because nobody pinpointed the infertility problem in her husband as it is a taboo to do so in society. In such cases seeking treatment becomes difficult.

Things you should know

      1. Female infertility is easily diagnosable but, infertility in men is tough to diagnose at an early stage.
      2. Diagnosis of male infertility is complex and difficult. Various tests have to be performed on semen samples to find the sperm count, its strength and other things. Hormonal levels , defects in sexual organs, retrograde ejaculation are some of the things that need to be tested.
      3. Wounded or abnormal testes can also cause male infertility. Some other causes that can cause male infertility could be  excessive medications, alcohol consumption, smoking, cancer treatments,  obesity, and vitamin C deficiency.

Cure male infertility naturally


There are plenty of herbs available that can eliminate male infertility. Some of them are being mentioned here for fast recovery from male infertility.


It is a plant of Peru origin available in powder form which boosts fertility and sex drive. It is also adaptogenic in nature. If taken regularly it increases sperm count, quality, and motility. This increases fertility in women also.  It is an excellent energizer too.


Tribulus’ root and fruits enhance male libido and vitality. It stimulates production of sperm. It also improves the quality and life span of sperm.


“It is a Chinese herb used for low libido, impotency and production of healthy sperm. This herb also decreases fatigue, pain, and other conditions.”


Saw palmetto is a herb used for impotency, weak sexual performance, and for energizing  the male reproductive organs.


This herb controls involuntary release in men and is used as an energizer that can be harmlessly used for a long time. HO SHOU WU helps maintain youth, build sperm, and alleviate impotence.


Ashwagandha is a herb that helps body manage stress and strains, improves stamina and enhances energy. It is a panacea for sexual problems and naturally enhances fertility in a person. It lowers  blood sugar levels,  boosts brain function and help fight anxiety and depression.

It improves sexual performance and fertility and it is one of the best tonics for reversing adrenal burnout.


It greatly improves sperm production. In women, this herb helps rejuvenate sexual desire and improves fertility.


It contains over 85 minerals and vitamins, which helps prevent anemia and improves sexual vitality. It’s great for reversing male infertility.


Infertility can cause abnormal stress and can be caused by extreme stress. In extreme cases where nothing works to keep you energized  it is adaptogens that work wonders. These herbs help you tackle stress and anxiety very effectively by repairing frayed nerves.This new way to tackle stress will help improve decreased libido and help produce strong and healthy sperm. Being stress free increases libido and sexual strength.

Some stress releasing herbs are:

Holy Basil (aka Tulsi)–  taken in tea, or capsule

Milky Oats- taken as capsule

Rhodiola- taken as a capsule

The above herbs if taken will help reduce stress and improve libido which in turn will help cure male infertility. Please share this information with all your peers.

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