Expectations -The true breaker of relationships

In most of the cases, trouble in a marriage arises from the certain expectations one has from the other partner. When these expectations not met by the partner then it may leads towards conflict or active/passive aggression which may further create distance in a couple. One should tell the other partner about their expectations before marriage so that there is no rift after marriage and the position of both male and female is clear to each other otherwise the partner will never know about certain points which are running in his/her mind and the marriage will be doomed.

Realistic Expectations from a Husband:

  • Every husband’s desire to get respect from the wife for him and his family.
  • No matter how tough the husband acts but the other partner needs to appreciate him for their hard work.
  • Mostly males are not as assertive as females but they do want to be understood, cared and loved.
  • After a hectic working schedule, they do desire to have a quiet time after they reach home.
  • To be physically involved with partner on regular basis.

Realistic Expectations from a Wife:

  • To provide an emotional support when they go through a rough patch in their life.
  • A wife wants the husband to listen, understand and care her.
  • Wife expects the husband to be assertive verbally and physically.
  • To have an honest and intimate relation.
  • She wants appreciation from the husband.

Unrealistic Expectations in a Marriage:

  • Partner’s desire that the second half should give all the time to him/her.
  • Expects that the other partner to read your mind.
  • To put a condition to pick either mother’s side or her or vice versa.
  • To expect that your partner does not notice other woman or man.
  • To set rules for partner and desire him/her to behave in that particular way.
  • Assume to give up his/her friends.