Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About India’s first visually impaired IFS officer


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About India’s first visually impaired IFS officer

The persuasive story of Beno Zephine!

Beno Zephine is 26 and she impacted the world forever when she turned into India’s First 100% individual to be accepted into the nation’s top Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

She secured 343rd rank in the 2013-14 Civil Service examination, however needed to sit tight for a year for her arrangement, as the legislature worked out the standards to suit her.

Grinning, sure, with solid perspectives on everything, communicated in a solid voice, Beno Zephine is a Probationary officer with the State Bank of India as of now.

She lives with her dad Luke Anthony Charles who works with the Railways and her mom, Mary Padmaja, a homemaker.

Her lone sibling, Bruno Xavier, acts as an architect in Canada.

This is the rousing story of how NL Beno Zephine turned into an IFS officer.

Picking a bizarre name

My folks pondered a considerable measure on a name for me. Beno implies little girl of God and Zephine implies concealed fortune.

It’s a bizarre name. I thought individuals would be interested and ask me what it implied, yet relatively few have asked me. I like my name a great deal.

A typical, cheerful youth

Nobody in my family made a major complain about my inability, so it was not a major thing for me.

My first memory is of going to class surprisingly. I was exceptionally energized. I went to the Little Flower Convent for the Blind.

I had an extremely upbeat school life as my instructors urged me to do whatever I needed to.

Public speaking as a UKG understudy

I was a chatty young lady then and I am a loquacious lady now.

I gave my first open discourse when I was in upper KG; I talked about Jawaharlal Nehru and won my first prize as a speaker – it was a steel plate.

After that, there was no ceasing me. Rather than wishing me good fortunes, my educators used to let me know, ‘we know you are going to bring the cup to the school’.

They were that sure about my stylistic aptitude and I completely delighted in talking.

The consolation from my instructors and their trust in me prompted my accomplishment out in public speaking.
In the good ‘ol days, I used to record what I needed to say and after that learn it by heart. From the 6th standard onwards, I began talking unpremeditated. I appreciate it more than setting up a discourse and I fared better.

From Jawarharlal to ecological and social issues

I would talk about protection of natural life, growth, and so on. My Dad used to get me books and my Mom used to peruse them out to me and that is the manner by which I arranged for the talks.

In school I was regularly made Master of Ceremonies and I cherished it.

I appreciated studies as much as I delighted in talking. I delighted in every one of the subjects.

Scholastics wasn’t a weight, it was something I appreciated. I had no top picks; each subject and each book was my top pick.

Considering English writing in school

After school, I joined Stella Maris College to do my degree in English writing.

I did my post graduation in English writing from Loyola College.

I delighted in school as well. I had no trouble moving from a visually impaired school to a typical school in light of the fact that at home and outside, nobody treated me in an unexpected way.

That gave me the certainty to face life like some other individual.

Probationary Officer with the State Bank of India

When I finished my MA, in 2013, I landed a position as a Probationary officer with SBI.

I felt enabled and independent With my first compensation, I purchased a gold chain for my dad and earrings for my mom.

All of a sudden I felt I had grown up.. That made me upbeat, however I additionally felt terrified at the obligation. However, then, that is an inescapable piece of life.

I was upbeat that I was given the vital assignment of NPA (Non performing assets) recovery. I managed to deliver and was called Vasool Rani!

I don’t know why yet individuals think I am extremely strict. I don’t compromise on how things must be finished. I affirm myself and I esteem my poise furthermore others’.

Wanted to be a government employee when in the eleventh standard

Till I was in tenth standard, my aspiration was to end up a legal counselor or a speaker.

In the eleventh standard, my fantasy was to be a government employee, despite the fact that I didn’t realize what it could offer me. It was only that I was keen on society and any administration that was connected with society intrigued me.

I didn’t care for individuals squandering water – I used to make a major whine when somebody squandered water. Individuals ridiculed me, saying, ‘Here comes the authority.’ That was one of the components that made me keen on the common administration.

Listening to the radio and perusing daily papers

I used to listen to the 9 o’clock news on All India Radio as a kid. I would say it helped a considerable measure in my achievement in the Civil Service Examination.

I was keen on news relating to the nation. I was keen on financial matters since I was occupied with whatever had an association with the nation.

Water preservation, nature, untamed life, anything that has any importance to society intrigues me.

Preparation for the Civil Service Examination

I would check the books I needed to peruse and afterward place it into the PC to peruse. It was unrealistic to check every single book, as you need to peruse such a large number of books when you get ready for the Civil Service. So my Mom used to peruse the books to me.

I began planning for the examination when I was an undergrad and made my first endeavor when I was in my first year of postgraduate study, in 2012.

I couldn’t clear the Mains in my first endeavor, however I thought I would.

I was disillusioned for two or three days since I was expecting a ton, yet I was not demotivated.

Clearing with a decent rank in the second endeavor

I was not apprehensive or strained when the results were to be announced. I was interested to know  rank.

I cleared the exam and scored a rank of 343/1022. I was glad.

Getting IFS however not immediately

My decision was the Indian Foreign Service. I was informed that the IFS did not allow any individual who was 100% blind.

They needed to make a few changes  in the standards to offer me a position. I don’t have the foggiest idea about the details, yet that was the reason the procedural deferral of one year happened.

Call from the Ministry of External Affairs

When I got the call from the under secretary in the service of external affairs to let me know that I had been chosen to the IFS, I didn’t bounce around or break into tears.

I felt responsible. I am happy that I am an emotionally balanced person

It is great that I have becomeIndia’s first 100%  individual to be in the Indian Foreign Service. It gives me responsibility

I am prepared to do anything for my nation. I am just clayand the Foreign Service can mould me whichever way they need.

No celebration yet

I haven’t had time to celebrate yet yet. My companions are furious that I am just addressing the media throughout the previous four days.

When every one of the meetings are over, I will go out with my companions to an eatery.

Yes, I am a foodie and I adore a wide range of variety. In spite of the fact that my mom taught me to cook when I joined school, I don’t do any cooking nowadays. I have gotten to be sluggish and I don’t get at whatever time to cook, yet I would love to cook when I get time.

Need to meet the Prime Minister

I am wanting to fax a letter to the Prime Minister expressing gratitude toward him and asking for a meeting with him. I need to take his favors.

Motivational speaker

When I joined the State Bank of India and after I passed the Civil Service examination, numerous schools and universities began calling me to address their understudies and persuade them.

For the most part I tell understudies that everybody ought to have an objective in life yet I say it distinctively at better places. I think I do persuade them as individuals .

Do I discuss my handicap and let them know that I accomplished this in spite of my inability? It depends upon the gathering of people. In the event that they are little kids, I don’t discuss my incapacity at all as they won’t comprehend it. To undergrads, I certainly discuss my handicap.

It is not a matter of loving disliking my handicap to be alluded to. It is only a reality.

I never consider my handicap by any stretch of the imagination; I discuss it arbitrarily.

At home, I was never regarded as an impaired individual; I resemble some other individual.

I don’t care for being dealt with as an impaired individual. The individuals who are near me realize that I don’t care for sensitivity.

I converse with individuals regularly and for the most part individuals react ordinarily and not with sensitivity.

I am regularly asked what challenges I have confronted in life. I can’t think about any colossal test. Perhaps I am honored.

Contemplations on India

I look at India quite positively. We needed to defeat a few difficulties in light of the populace and we have accomplished such a great amount in spite of the considerable number of issues.

We have this propensity for taking a gander at the negative things. We are not energetic when we toss paper out and about or misuse the assets of the nation.

Rather than indicating this issue and that issue, each and every individual needs to understand that the issue is inside one self.

I don’t think changes can come overnight; they will come progressively.

It took several years for America to be what it is presently. How can it be that everyone needs everything to be so great in India in such a limited ability to focus time?

Message to youths

Rather than groaning about what you don’t have, utilize the assets we have. At that point, those assets will make further assets.

Difficulties do come, yet confront them and devise your own particular procedures.

Comprehend your qualities and shortcomings, at exactly that point will you have the capacity to fortify your quality and debilitate your shortcoming.

It is essential to peruse daily papers and comprehend what your nation is doing and understand what your country is doing. If you do not do that, you do not have the right to criticise the country.


I am a very positive person. My dreams are short term.

I create dreams and fulfil them and move on.

If there is an opportunity, I will be the first person to take it.

I don’t have any dream for myself now, but my dream for my country is to see India developing, and I see it happening.

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