Effects of Working Parents On Child!

Mom ” I hate you for bringing me into this world” – Know why?

” Why did you give me birth Mom when you have no time for me? I did not ask you to give me birth. Is this what I deserve ? I hate you for this ?”


These are the silent words of a child who is left in a creche from 8 morning to 8 night by his working parents. A heart wrenching tale of a child which will definitely make you think once about your duties towards your child . He further goes as under-

“I am totally confused with my life. Where is my house ? This creche or that house where I sleep in the night. I was much better off in the skies where I did not know what pain is . Why am I woken up so early in the morning? Why my cries of pain are not heard by my working parents (mother) who packs me off like a luggage with my clothes and pampers in which I lie wet and dirty the whole day till 8. What is my fault ? I am fed milk like a Robot. The nipple is shoved into my mouth with the bottle supported on a pillow. Where are those loving arms of my mother and her lap which is my right? I have been deprived of all the love which is my birth right.”

Working Parents

Voidness in the child’s heart

“I hate you Mom for all this. Did you bring me on  Earth for all this. My Creche Aunt keeps putting me on bed for no rhyme or reason . I hate to sleep. She sometimes slaps me also and no one understands me in my creche. Once I fell down from the bed . I was bleeding and no one was around to pick me up then. I was calling you desperately mom but you were not there for me. Probably you were busy somewhere else. I hate this life.”

“In the night also you don’t have any time for me as you get busy in the kitchen or work and Dad is always at his laptop. I have become an orphan with two parents. Where is that love which children get from their parents ,and  grandparents?”

“For you may be money is important but for me your time and love are most important. Please Mom don’t torture me like this. Love me, give me time because for me you are my life . Without you I am nothing.”

In the above write up I have just tried to express the feelings of a child in this situation. This is definitely not to discourage working parents or to make them guilty. But I have observed that sometimes for them their work ,their feelings and money become most important for them and they forget about the feelings of their most priced possession ( their sweet child who is their world). A child’s heart is full of emotions and feelings and this delicate heart should not be trampled .  It should remain healthy and happy.


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