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Our subconscious mind is at work when we are asleep. We always underestimate the power of our subconscious mind which is a million times more than our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind hides the treasure of our future which we are unable to decipher. It hints us time and now but we fail to learn from it.


Dream interpretation helps us learn from it.

Our subconscious mind lives in the form of dreams warning us about our future but we, being the ignorant ones discard its signals and fail to benefit from it.

To help you decipher the meanings of your dreams we have compiled some of the common dreams which many of us dream about along with what it signifies. You may be able to unravel a few mysteries about your past and the future. It is not the dream, but purely the dream interpretation that can foretell the future. More importantly one can get the hidden truths from one’s dreams.

  •  Bare in public

Bare in a public place signifies that you are finding yourself completely exposed. If you see someone else nude then it means that you are anxious or worried about exposing someone else.

  • Babies

It signifies  a wish  to produce a child, or a need to be loved. It may also signify a new beginning.

  • Death

Death of a near and dear one signifies endings and new beginnings. It also could be coming to terms with some kind of parting.

  • Clothes

Clothes suggest about how we want people to perceive us. If you are shabbily dressed in your dream, you feel unattractive or ignored. Changing your dress sense will portray a change in your lifestyle.

  • Exams

Exams can signify self-evaluation, with the content of the exam reflecting the part of your personality or life under inspection.

  • Falling

Falling is a very common dream  that shows  our worries about letting go, It could also mean losing control over life and failing.

  • Food

Food is life for foodies. If one dreams of food it may signify knowledge because it nurtures the body just as information nurtures the brain. It could also be just food.

  • Hair

Hair is related to sexuality, according to Freud. Excessive hair  signifies virility, while shaving off hair  in a dream may signify loss of libido.

  •  Killing

Killing is a negative emotion and in dreams shows hostility towards a particular person.

  • Mountains

Mountains are obstructions, so a dream of successfully crossing a mountain can symbolize achievement.

  • Sex

Sex dreams reveal  intimacy and a desire for sex. It may also mean merging of hidden emotions with conscious feelings, signifying  a new knowledge and personal growth.

  • Being trapped 

Trapped (physically) and unable to escape is a common nightmare, It reflects your inability to escape or make the correct choice.

  •  Being chased

It signifies your response to pressure and fears of day-to-day life. It reveals that you have a tendency to shy away from issues rather than handle them. This dream can be recurring until you find solution to your real life problem.

Hope the above dream interpretation will better your lives and benefit you in the long run. We will continue this series depending on your views. Please do comment and let us know.

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