Do women love Alpha Dads ?


Do women love Alpha Dads ?

Yeah……………. ! Women love them. Its the age of Alpha Dads– fathers who are involved in their child’s life and take an active interest to nurture and raise them. Welcome the Alpha Dads- the new generation of men who wear he Badge of fatherhood with pride ,and flaunt their dad status. They are not afraid to cradle the child at night,sleep at 4.00 A.M and then get to work at 9.00 A.M. They are involved in their children’s PTA’s,drop their kids off to school or hobby classes ,and are not afraid to come back home and attend to them after a long day’s work. The Dad picture is changing.

“My father was never there when I grew up”says Sarita a housewife.Today’s daddies are changing diapers,feeding babies, taking them on walks. The earlier generations haven’t seen the public display and pride in fatherhood. Today’s alpha dads own fatherhood. They don’t hink its unmanly to change nappies or that it’s woman’s domain.Today father’s are involved in big and small decisions of their child’s life.

‘When I drop my kid to college ,I see a lot of fathers doing the same.”says actor Rahul Dev. “A lot has changed in the way that our fathers viewed fatherhood compared to how we do. It was our mother who would drop us and look into the micro aspects of our life .Dad would take the macro decisions. ” But today its the age of alpha dads. Moms love them ¬†and kids too. Moms go out to have girls night out. The dads babysit. Today’s modern man knows his way around the house and isn’t a lost puppy or the second child of the wife.

Dads are spending more time than ever with their kids , but still feel its not enough.

A big applause for the new age fathers who are contributing a lot in changing the lives of women as well as children.

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