Colon Cancer Survival – Please Don’t Avoid These 4 Dangerous Signs

Colon cancer comes in disguise of very common symptoms. A normal person will pass it for a common ailment. He would try to treat the symptoms with over the counter medications but to no avail. He keeps running from pillar to post while in the mean time the hidden monster grows leaps and bounds. So, the early symptoms of colon cancer should be nipped in bud to stop it from spreading.


Please Don’t Avoid These 4 Dangerous Signs

1. Sudden weight loss

Sudden weight loss is a symptom of several illnesses. But It could be a warning sign of the beginning of colon cancer. Weight loss should never be taken lightly and should be brought to immediate notice of your physician. It could be an alarm bell of the onset of a malicious disease.

2. Acidity or abdominal pain

A mild pain in the abdomen is taken lightly and common pain killers are taken to subside the pain. Constant recurrence of this pain should be taken gravely and doctor’s advise should be immediately taken.

On the other hand, an intense pain with blood in stool could be a sign of colon caner.

3. Constipation

There are various causes of constipation.  A persistent and obstinate constipation should never go unnoticed as it could be a sign of colon cancer. This is only to aware you not to scare you. Please immediately consult your doctor for further clarification.

4. Anemia

Excessive blood loss, lack of nutrition, any disease could all lead to Anemia. It’s a symptom of a disease, not a disease itself. Low blood pressure, weakness, heart palpitation are some signs to be taken care of. Genetic transfer of colon cancer is also common but may vary from person to parson.

For any further questions and clarifications about the symptoms of colon cancer, please consult an expert for the same. He would be able to guide you and further throw light on your points of doubt. This will equip you for your further course of action.

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