Career or Love? What should I choose ?

Career or Love? What should I choose ?
This is a question which almost all career oriented women face sometime or the other in life and this dilemma can make you mad.

Why should a woman choose career over love ?
Its all about prioritization. One has to judge her own priority. What  is that without which you cannot live ? Is it the man or your work?

The obvious choice is both but many a times one has to choose between the two which ofcourse is a very very difficult decision especially at a time when you are in love with somebody. As we know that love is blind and it to some extent kills our thinking faculties we sometimes flow with the emotions and make the wrong choice which then determines our future.

Desires and ambitions for following their passions have resulted in a change where more women have entered the professional workforce.

This means that their relationship status has been placed as second in priority as they work toward furthering their careers.

Women are no longer considered “right” for mere secretary status. Today, some women are working as CEOs of large companies.

Why many Women are Choosing a Career Over Love?

Making a choice between pursuing a career over love is a huge decision.
A successful career is fulfilling and can fill a woman with pride and a sense of accomplishment, especially in a time where women are working as breadwinners of the family and facing practical situations.

Careers are considered very important when a woman is young and society even motivates young women today to pursue careers first and then their love lives later.

Many women who choose a career as top priority consider waiting until they’re properly prepared to handle family responsibilities as the best option.

Tough Choices

Making such a decision requires you to evaluate what you want more in life, especially if that special someone may be pressuring you to halt your career plans.

If that’s the case, consider this: It’s very possible that your current boyfriend isn’t the best option. It’s quite possible that a successful career will present opportunities for you to meet a successful and perfect partner later.

If your current boyfriend supports your career pursuits then you have the best of all worlds. You have the ability to further your career without fear of choosing one and losing the other.

What To Consider…

If you’re feeling stuck today about whether to choose love or to choose your career ambitions, consider the following:

If you choose a current love relationship and abandon your work goals will you not eventually come to resent your relationship?

This is a huge factor to consider. If there’s something within your relationship dynamic that takes away from your career desires, is that a sign that something isn’t right?

Does your potential husband earn enough money to provide you the life you desire? What will you do with your time if you aren’t following through on your career?

Remember that a successful career can lead to a great life in terms of income and what it allows you to do later in life. At the same time, finding the perfect love match doesn’t happen easily either.

One more concept of relationships is emerging nowadays for career oriented woman and that is Live-in-relationships where neither of the two partners is expected to give up their dreams and there are less bondages in these relationships.

But then one should again ask oneself about the impact of such relationships on one’s psyche after break-up and ofcourse a pregnancy in this relationship is a further complication. So will this serve your purpose of having freedom to pursue your career dreams along with emotional fulfilment.

The decision is yours but one thing is clear giving up ones deep rooted desires for a relationship will end in disaster. the resentment that sets in towards the partner and your personal life is unbearable and this may eventually lead to many negativities in life.

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