Is A Woman Born Homeless? Read Now..!

She makes homes but has no house of her own…

Isn’t it ironical? A woman makes homes but has no house of her own. In other words, Is she born homeless ? She is born in her parent’s house to leave one day with her husband.


Right from day one she is mentally prepared to leave her parents house. She is taught to accept her husband’s house as her own and her in-laws as her own parents. And then the day comes when she has to leave her parents house where she was born for her new house which people claim to be hers.

She slogs, toils to keep the people of the so called “her house ” happy, neglects herself and dedicates her life for the new family members.

She forgets about her own happiness to keep the family members happy and sacrifices her wishes, dreams ambitions to keep peace in the family. But one day she is thrown out of her so called ” Her House ” because of marital discord. From that very moment she has no right on that house.

Then she marries and moves to another house which is her so called house.

Born Homeless

The question is  “Is a woman born homeless? Which is her house ?

A house is supposed to be a haven where a person can live a peaceful and a secured life. How can a woman be shunted from one house to another in the name of tradition? Why doesn’t she have a place which she can call her own , from where she can’t be thrown out, a place where she can live the way she wants to, a house which is always there for her, to give her security and a roof when she has no where to go.

Now the question is Who can do it for her ? The answer is very very clear She herself. She has to do it. She has to become strong and  independent and should be able to give others shelter.rather than asking for shelter. An independent, bold , woman who can take care of her needs is the answer to this question.


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