Why ambitious women prefer to remain single?


Why ambitious women prefer to remain single?

Remaining Single or married is a personal choice but there are umpteen examples where powerful and successful women have preferred to remain single.

The dream of having a compatible and a loving partner is cherished by all. The thought of a secured and a comfortable life excites most of us but then not every marriage brings these blessings along with it.

Marriage has been glorified world over but the realities of marriage are far different .

1 . Marriage for a successful woman

When a woman is very privileged or highly successful, marriage could come very easily — or not. Think of the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, who was married eight times. Or Oprah Winfrey, who for personal or professional reasons, is not married.

These kind of woman may wake up every day to new and exciting challenges and think, “best to wait for the right man “

2. Why make traditional compromises ?

She is not willing to make traditional compromises which require her time and effort over her ambitions. She is driven by her ambition and she finds it very exciting. Jobs of a traditional homemaker do not excite her as she is looking for a friend more than a husband .

3. Excess Expenditure

Some women are expected to share in Household expenses which is ok if both agree but she may not want to bear the entire household expense which could be the case if the husband is unwilling to spend. She would have to pay more taxes if she marries someone who earns approximately what she makes or less.

4. Waiting for the “one”

These women wait for the perfect guy, or the guy who they would fall in love with and love them back just as much. If that man doesn’t come along, they prefer to go alone. As women get pickier, more factors enter into the marriage equation. Their expectations go up and sometimes become too high to be real.

They do not marry just for the sake of getting married.

5.Companionship over money

They marry for companionship and not money so for them the burdens of a traditional marriage become heavy to bear. They are looking for a perfect companion who understands them and let them live the way they are. Such diamonds are very rare on earth.

 While most women still want marriage, they don’t want it at just any price. They don’t want it if it scuttles their dreams. Marriage is not dead — not by a long shot. It is still, to most of us, the house we wish to build for our love, our lover and our children.

But women want to craft a life instead of having it pressed upon them. And that means some of us will be single for a long time, and some of us will be single for life.

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